Sailing in Copenhagen

There are a variety of ways to get out on the water sailing, we do most of these regularly, there is no single solution that suits everyone. Most sailing activity is focused in the warmer months from May until October. Some people want to sail once or twice a week during this period, others are looking for a week or two of island exploring…. 


1. Boat rental (private and boatflex) 

2. Sailing clubs

3. Sailing schools

4. Boat ownership

5. Social media


There are quite a number of companies offering chartering and boat rental. Unfortunately many are aggregators or focus on chartering overseas. There is also an equivalent of Airbnb for boats in Denmark, Boatflex, which can be very useful to discover and book boats locally. The boat owners sometimes offer a skills refresher for a fee for few hours before you head out on their boat.


Sailing clubs are a key part of sailing in Denmark. Many have sailing schools with club boats and club-houses with great facilities. Very few offer sail training in English, most are focussed on teaching towards the Danish certificate of competency. There is a strong community spirit in the clubs, with everybody expected to be active and involved in making things happen. Three clubs close to Copenhagen stand out in the offer for International sailors, these are Hellerup, the Royal Danish Yachtclub and Skovshoved Sailing club. The sailing schools in these clubs are over subscribed, especially for beginners. Clubs also offer the possibility to get involved in racing.


There are private sailing schools around Copenhagen. These schools are run in Danish and usually focus on intense week courses, and mainly geared towards the Danish certificate of competency. Sometimes they run evening courses over a month or two. Nordsjællands Sejlerskole and FØF are examples.


Boat ownership can seem a daunting way to get on the water, however there are many cheap smaller used boats for sale around Denmark. An issue can be to find a harbour space, although this is more an issue for larger cruisers. The three main outgoings are purchase, harbour space and insurance… plus all the investments that you decide to make to improve the boat!


If you have sailing experience, networking to crew on other peoples boats can work out quite efficiently, you can approach people in the clubs or sailing schools to ask. Many skippers need crew for regular weekly evening races, some need reserve crew too. There are some useful entry points to meetup and facebook groups here:



Usually we will try to organise an info session in early spring through one of the clubs that we are involved to help newcomers to Copenhagen to find their way into the awesome Danish sailing community. We post info on FB and Meetup, but you are also welcome to send an email if you are interested.